A little bit about us

We are not always on the beach... honest.

A little bit about us

Bookabreak.com.au is simply unlike any other short-term rental management company. Powered by our industry leading travel software and functional business processes developed from over two decades of being directly involved in the property industry, our customers feel energised that they are dealing with a highly experienced property company.

The short-term rental market has changed in unprecedented ways and continues to evolve with technology and a shift in consumer behaviour. At Bookabreak.com.au we are reshaping short-term rental management by increasing performance through our unique pricing data metrics platform and providing the latest technology which evolves with consumer behaviour.

Not only does our booking and pricing platform allow us to greatly outperform traditional property managers, we have a team of specialists to manage guest relations, and local network partners available to handle everything from housekeeping and maintenance.  Together this ensures all our guests enjoy a first-class experience.

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