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jaime broersen
Operations Manager
Jaime Broersen
Before relocating to the Peninsula in 2015, Jaime spent 17 years working with the Board of Directors and several Chief Financial Officers of National Australia Bank, and MM&E Capital & 3AW’s Tom Elliott. After deciding upon her sea change, for two years she managed the Food, Beverage & Events functions of a renowned local Country Club, before going on maternity leave and starting with Bookabreak.com.au. Jaime’s exceptional attention to detail, vast exposure to financial governance, corporate communications, plus her experience in hospitality has provided her the perfect skill set to manage Bookabreak.com.au’s operational matters.

skye burnham
Portfolio Coordinator
Skye Burnham
With over 16 years’ experience across a variety of businesses from private islands, rainforest retreats, function centres and hotels, Skye brings extensive knowledge of the tourism and events industry, specifically in hotel operations. With her keen interest in property and first-hand experience as an owner of holiday rentals on the Peninsula, Skye is an exceptional ambassador to the Bookabreak.com.au team.

josh callaghan
CEO & Founder
Josh Callaghan
Josh has been directly involved in the property industry for over 20 years. With a primary business background in residential real estate, Josh is also an accomplished auctioneer and, over the course of his career, has established various ventures in ecommerce, importing and the digital platform for distribution of goods through wholesale and retail. Josh has an inherent skill in information technology, with hands on expertise in relational database design, web development and the logical establishment of business systems. With a passion for property and technology, Josh brings these two skills together to provide a cutting edge, short-term rental management business; Bookabreak.com.au.