Should I Hire a Property Manager for my Holiday Rental?

In a world where time has become a rare commodity, many people and businesses alike have started outsourcing tasks in order to free up personal time and ensure the best possible outcomes.

In both Australia and abroad, hiring a property management company and or independent property manager has become increasingly popular. Regardless of whether you are a first-time investment property owner or a veteran in the industry, the endless and exceptionally time – consuming tasks surrounding the marketing and management of a holiday rental can be both arduous and demanding. The benefits of hiring a professional to take care of the never-ending task list undeniably outweigh the negatives and so, before you take the step in engaging a property manager, make sure you understand what you should come expect from the person or company you choose.

Advertisement and Marketing

First and foremost, key to choosing a property manager is your personal understanding of how they operate and what help and support they will provide you with. By hiring a property manager, you are also paying for access to superior marketing and advertisement schemes devised by people who are likely to have a better understanding of the market than yourself.

An established firm undeniably equates to legitimacy, especially with regards to the consumer. In layman’s terms, this means that people are more likely to rent your property if they respect and trust where it is advertised and how it is marketed. This could mean the quality and accuracy of description, photographs and where exactly it is advertised. It is not sufficient for your property to be advertised on the company’s site alone. With the plethora of online platforms available for advertising and booking holiday rentals, there is no reason why a holiday property manager isn’t advertising your venue on additional sites. This marketing tactic is simple. The more places your rental is advertised the higher the chances it will be occupied.

Allows for planning based on location trends

Property managers will be working on a number of different projects at once; as such, it allows them to identify trends in the area. Because of this they should be able to recognise how and what you need to do in order to make your property more desirable to those potential customers/tenants searching for rentals in your particular area. Depending on the season, property managers may also be able to suggest changes as to how and where you are listing the property and what you are asking in terms of a rental fee.

In short, having a property manager allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening in terms of rental trends in your area. Because of this, it also affords you the opportunity to be able to plan and project further into the future by weighing up what changes have been successful and what hasn’t. Every manager should be fully aware of the status of local short-term rental regulations and this knowledge is what is going to set your property manager ahead of the rest.

Day to day peace of mind

Being personally responsible for the running of a holiday home is a difficult job, and if you assumed that the property would pay for itself without the necessary upkeep, then you were unfortunately mistaken.

Unless you live close to your rental property and are willing to get your hands dirty, there is no doubt that maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and that the condition of the furniture and interior is perfect, is a challenge within itself. Top quality property managers should take control of the day to day management of the house, meaning that they will oversee any necessary maintenance or cleaning between rentals. This management includes minor maintenance from missing tea spoons to carpet stains. The quality and spotless interior of a property has been known to push those all essential reviews to 5 stars.

Knowing that a manager is looking after your property will absolutely give you day to day peace of mind, knowing that your investment is well-looked after.

Maximising potential

By using a property manager, you have the chance to maximise potential revenue by renting out your property through keen and continued management. Sourcing and maintaining a number of bookings is hard work and often untenable alongside a day to day job. Not only will a property manager endeavour to find you customers, they will also take responsibility for the calendar in terms of availability.

If you are still considering whether it is worth engaging a property manager for your holiday rental or not, you should know that with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, knows exactly how to market, manage and maintain your property, ensuring your daily peace of mind. Through the implementation of current on-trend technology and an instant booking platform we are able to monitor consumer behaviour allowing for increased bookings and therefore maximum revenue. With an extensive network of on the ground service partners we can confidently manage and monitor the cleaning and safeguarding of your property while simultaneously handling online reviews, advertising and marketing. Our high-end service will ensure that all the benefits of a property manager are met, meaning both you and your tenants will enjoy a well-earned holiday away.

Written by nab79 • January 29, 2020
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